Transforming human time into real value

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Our Vision for a better world

When the world needs answers, technology will come to the rescue. A new reality has ushered in, making us rethink what time, work and sustainability mean to our society. We at TIMERS believe, that every person has an intrinsic value and a set of skills that will be needed in this day and age. The most universal way to measure this value is time itself. Introducing TIMERS and the power of the IncomePerMinute (IPM) Token - unlocking your hidden potential giving you a new stream of income.

Time becomes the new form of cash!


Time for a Super-Application

  • New way of life
    Automation and Artificial Intelligence are on the rise leaving us with more personal time. A growing connectivity within our society makes room for more collaboration liberating new ways to monetize your skills.
  • Time becomes money
    The Timers app, inspired by award winning UX design, lets you connect to other people by offering your personal time, skills or goods on a forum in exchange for IPM – a token appreciating your life time and measured in minutes.
  • Blockchain-based platform
    Only blockchain ensures the most efficient transactions and secure protections through smart contracts. The IPM token runs on a dedicated blockchain with the idea of conserving the energy you expend in unprecedented fashion. Proof of value creation in a timed verification process [TVM] ensures an incentive operating system similar to staking but designed for optimal sustainability.


A summary of our planned development
coded into a timeline

  • Q2 2019

    · Creation of the idea
    · Market analysis

  • Q1 2020

    · Core team

  • Q2 2020

    · Concept development finished

  • Q3 2020

    · IPM Token created
    · Launch of website and marketing
    · Token sale
    · Token distribution
    · Listing on CMC, Coingecko et. al.
    · Start of marketing campaign

  • Q4 2020

    · Listing on exchanges [Phase one]
    · Expansion of our team

  • 2021+

    · Pre release media coverage
    · Listing on exchanges [Phase two]

  • 2021+

    · Testnet release
    · Launch of the TimeChain as main-net
    · Desktop APP