Time has no limits - stake IPM and UNI-LP, add value and be among the first to earn amazing returns - starting late October!

Ask your doctor if a basic income in $IPM is for you - stay tuned and hodl tight for more.

Your share depends on the amount of IPM and UNI-LP you have locked for staking and the average holding time in relation to all other available holder.

The minimum time IPM must be locked in order to be eligible is 3 days. You can increase your bonus even further by locking it away for longer time periods.


10K $IPM will be distributed weekly among all people providing pool liquidity. Your share depends on the amount of UNI-LP you own and the average holding amount in relation to all other participants.

Payout will be every Wednesday at 8am EST with snapshots starting on October 7th. Campaign runs until official TVM launch.

You might ask yourself what these UNI-LP tokens are all about:
If you are providing IPM/ETH liquidity for the pool, you will receive so called UNI-LP tokens in exchange. These are monitored by us to determine your percentage of the weekly rewards.

Join the official TIMERS IPM/ETH pool to be eligible:

NOTE: If you already added liquidity, no further action is required. Just keep the UNI-LP tokens inside your wallet. This will also be the address eligible for the IPM payout. Team related wallets will not be eligible.